Tax Planning Strategies for Business

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Tax planning is so important for business owners.  By taking action before 30 June, business owners have the time and opportunity to implement a number of strategies to minimise tax and take advantage of any tax concessions available. The strategies to be implemented does depend on the circumstances of each business.  This article explores

Tax Planning for Small Business Entities

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IS YOUR BUSINESS A “SMALL BUSINESS” ENTITY? Small businesses can access a range of tax concessions from the ATO. To qualify as a “Small Business Entity”, the business must have: an aggregated turnover (your annual turnover plus the annual turnover of any business connected / affiliated with you) of less than $10 million; and 

4 Ways to Reduce Your Personal Tax Using Super

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While you might not be flush with cash now and able to put large amounts into superannuation, it’s important that you are aware of what is possible to maximise your super balance and possibly reduce your tax at the same time.   DEDUCTIBLE SUPER CAP OF $27,500 FOR EVERYONE CARRIED FORWARD CONTRIBUTIONS SPOUSE SUPER

2022 Federal Budget: What It Means for Small Business Owners

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With a Federal Election due in the next 8 weeks, the Morrison Government has just made its bid for re-election with the following headline announcements in its Federal Budget released on Tuesday 29 March 2022: Petrol tax slashed by 22 cents per litre for 6 months from Budget night. 10 million low and middle-income

Cryptocurrency and Your Tax Return

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The number of Australians investing in cryptocurrency (commonly referred to as Crypto) has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, however many investors are unaware of their tax obligations when dealing with crypto. Due to the increase in crypto traders and investors, crypto is an increased area of scrutiny for the ATO. What

Temporary Full Expensing – Last Chance to Utilise the Measure Before 30 June 2022

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As you may recall, as part of the 2020-21 Federal Budget, the Morrison government released a generous tax incentive to help stimulate the Australian Economy due to the onset of COVID-19. The Temporary Full Expensing stimulus measure, allowed businesses with an aggregated turnover of less than $5 Billion to access an instant deduction for

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