If you are a director of a company and you have not yet applied for your director ID – the following information is important to you!

All Directors must apply for a director identification number (director ID) by 30 November 2022.  Please note this also applies to you if you have a corporate trustee for your self-managed super fund.

A Director Identification number (Director ID) is a unique 15-digit identifier you will keep forever. It will help to prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities.

Not sure if you need to apply? You can check if you need a director ID at who needs to apply.

The fastest way to apply for your director ID is online. To understand the application process, watch the How to apply for a director ID video, or find each step explained on the ABRS website:

  • Set up the myGovID app on your smart device.
  • Check and gather your identification documents.
  • Use your myGovID to login into ABRS online and start your application.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to verify your identity with information the ATO have on record.  You may need to contact us to request this information.

Documents may include the following:

  • Your TFN (an individual Australian tax file number)
  • Your residential address, as recorded by the ATO
  • Be prepared to answer two questions from ANY of the following options based on details / records available to ABRS. These might include:
    • The BSB number of a bank account you receive an income tax refund in, or that has earned interest in the last two years. Arrange for you to sign these updated documents as soon as possible.
    • The date of issue (dd/mm/yyyy format) and reference number (no spaces) from a notice of assessment (NOA) issued by the ATO in the last five years.
    • The member account number (it may be up to 16 characters) and super fund’s Australian business number (ABN) of a superannuation account statement from the last five years.
    • Your investment reference number from a dividend statement from the last two years.
    • The gross income in whole dollars from a PAYG payment summary issued in the last two years.
    • Use the taxable income in whole dollars from a Centrelink payment summary issued in the last two years. If your myGov account is linked to Services Australia, you can log in and access the details online.

Remember, you must use information from your personal documents, not your SMSF documents.

If you don’t meet your obligations:
There may be civil or criminal penalties and you may be issued with an infringement notice.

You need to personally apply for your Director ID.

We look forward to receiving your Director ID from you so we can add it to our Company Register Systems.

Please contact us on 07 55 510 143 if you need assistance to apply for your Director ID or if you have any difficulties with this application.